About group

The ALBET building and trading company has been active on the building market since 1992 as a reliable partner to general building contractors and to independent corporate, private, municipal and government investors.
Successful expansion of the company and of its activity and organisational optimisation have allowed ALBET to transform itself over the years to become a strong and economically stable group of organisations that are connected by ownership and that cooperate closely and effectively in providing a wide range of services in the construction industry and related investment activity.


Current structure of the ALBET group and orientation of activity:


ALBET stavební, s.r.o.


  • civil engineering
  • building reconstruction
  • underground services
  • roads and pathways

ALBET metal. s.r.o.


  • light external building cladding
  • steel structures
  • glazed aluminium structures
  • atypical metalwork

ALBET spol. s r.o.


  • engineering activity
  • acquisitions, investments, property leasing
  • hire shop and servicing of building machinery
  • economic and administrative service of the group